Veristeer ™ System – a robust solution for the future

Autonomous vehicles are being tested around the world and indeed TDI-PS has contributed to their popularity.  However, in the rush to implement driverless solutions it is clear to us that many groups have overlooked a simpler and more robust technology which has been around for a lot longer.

Wire guidance comprises a pair of wires buried in the road.  Excited by an electrical controller these wired generate a signal which a vehicle is able to follow accurately and reliably.  For example, this technology has been in use for three decades in the Eurotunnel service tunnel, allowing narrow-format transporters to pass within 80mm of each other at a closing speed of over 100kmh!

TDI acquired the rights to exploit this technology from Alstom in passenger vehicles some 10 years ago.  Since then, we have continued to make improvements in combination with driverless control and LIDAR sensing.  Together with simple tracking and sensing, a PLC controller enables the technology to offer a simpler, safer and more robust alternative to driverless navigation along roads and defined routes.

A driver can simply hop aboard and drive the vehicle off-route for routine maintenance or ad-hoc route changes. Able to provide this proven facility on all of its vehicles, TDI-PS would be delighted to discuss it with you at your earliest convenience.