Vision Road Train Sustainable

TDI-PS looks to expansion opportunities in
North American attractions market

As the global leisure industry seeks to reopen following enforced closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, UK-based TDI Production Solutions (TDI-PS), has turned its attentions to helping attraction venues worldwide achieve a more eco-friendly and sustainable future –with its current focus, in particular, being on the North American market.

TDI-PS is a leading company in the field of sustainable transport solutions. TDI-PS is working with the leisure industry to improve the latter’s impact on the environment. With an offering of a number of low and zero-emission solutions to suit different venue types, including zoos, safari parks, theme parks and more.

The company is currently focussing largely on the North American attractions market. And has already completed a number of projects for attraction venues in the region.

In partnership with transport specialist Deltrain of Portugal, TDI-PS has delivered a total of 12 land trains in the past 12 months to four different North American venues, including Guadalajara Zoo, Toronto Zoo, Northwest Trek (NWT) wildlife park in Seattle and Albuquerque Biopark. Each project provided solutions for unique transport requirements at each venue and represents further examples of TDI-PS’ specialist capabilities.

“We were delighted to complete these projects in the US and Canada which have given us a strong basis from which to promote what TDI-PS can offer leisure and attraction venues in the region. We provide a full turnkey leisure transport systems supply, consultancy and planning process, incorporating a complete review of any project prior to making our recommendations. The aim from the outset is to find the best solution for a venue, while considerations will also include areas such as route analysis where, for example, stops positioned at potentially ‘profitable’ areas of a park, such as F&B and retail outlets, will be incorporated into a design.” – TDI-PS Commercial Manager Sam Sharp.


Design and Innovation in North America

Technology is also key to successful transport solutions. A host of options are available from TDI-PS which feature vehicles that run on both rails and road, including those utilising driverless guidance systems embedded within the floor. Additionally, care of the environment is a key consideration in all TDI-PS activities and the company has moved towards a completely sustainable, low impact range of products, using the cleanest sources of power available for the leisure industry.

TDI-PS has developed a unique specialism in the design and development of all types of people movers, from land trains to monorails to PRT (personal rapid transit). Systems include bespoke light rail; Minitrams, state-of-the-art, light urban transit vehicles designed to operate in a variety of situations, including visitor attractions; and Visitor Transit Systems (VTS), a modern-day, more sophisticated development of the traditional land train concept. Power options include battery, diesel-electric and diesel, with the latter meeting the latest Euro 6 emissions standards.