TDI-PS have geared all future product development towards a sustainable range of products that will less harmful to our environment. We believe this is in line with our client’s own targets to reduce worlds fossil fuel emissions. This is certainly the case with Northwest Trek, who are now replacing their old diesel tour trams with the new electric Vision model, which was also previously diesel powered. Along with the new electric drive development we had to make several changes to the carriages to meet the requirements of NWT’s tours, which are detailed in the specification section below. The key factor in allowing NWT to move over to an electric battery powered fleet was matching the tram operation to the park’s duty cycle.

Through a terrain and route analysis carried out by TDI-PS we identified the gradients, route length and scheduled stops. Using this data we calculated the distance that could be covered on an overnight charge for the battery. It was evident that to meet the duty cycle required the by NWT some additional charging through the day would be required. This had to be carried out without long delays between tours. By choosing the right battery type and fast charger, NWT can now rest assured they can run all day by charging at the terminus stations throughout the day within the 10-minute scheduled stop.


Vision Power Car

  • Electric drive and battery management system
  • Electric air conditioning in driver’s cab
  • Cub holders
  • Electric powered steering
  • Storage area behind driver for wheelchair ramps

Vision passenger Carriage

  • Tinted glass for passenger comfort
  • Special drop-down windows to maximise photographic opportunities with the wildlife.
  • Heated for winter season.
  • Wheelchair access
  • Floodlights on roof exterior for night-time tours to illuminate wildlife.
  • Rain gutters to keep windows clearer for photography.
  • Infotainment system

With change over to a sustainable fleet NWT wanted to choose a contemporary style that would blend into the beautiful surroundings. It was decided that Vision meets this requirement and finished in natural colours it embraces its new environment.


Northwest Trek Wildlife Park opened in 19 75 in Eatonville, Washington, United States. The park spans over 723 acres, and in its various exhibits it includes about 38 species and over 200 total animals. Northwest Trek Wildlife Park offer a variety of visitation options, such as, Keeper adventure tours and the wild drive. For further information about the park and how to visit the attraction, click the link to their website.

Location: Eatonville, Washington, United States
Established: 1975
Size: 723 Acres
Facebook: Northwest Trek Wildlife Park