Guadalajara zoo is located to the west of the city and boarded by some impressive hills. Although set in a beautiful location the hilly terrain means the tour must climb and descend gradients of up to 13%. Due to the popularity the zoo has with the families of Guadalajara each tram was also required to carry 80 adult passengers.

The combination of the powerful Tagus and four fresh open carriages has certainly been a match for the requirements, and we thank the team at the zoo for their patience n awaiting delivery of the first Tagus off the production line.


Tagus Power Car

  • VW 3 litre V6 diesel Euro 6 engine
  • Drivers air conditioning

Fresh Open Carriage

  • Open carriage for warm climate
  • Manual wheelchair ramp in last carriage
  • Infotainment system
  • The tram was finished in a custom white and gold paint finish, matching the zoo’s own colour theme.


Opening in March 1988, Guadalajara Zoo is one of the most notorious parks in Latin America, and was the first zoo in the city. It houses around 360 different species, and over 2,000 animals in total. The zoo is known especially for its variety of bird species. For further information about the zoo and how to visit the attraction, click the link to their website.

Guadalajara zoo logo
Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Established: March 1988
Species: 360
Facebook: Guadalajara Zoo