Explorer Experience

Attention to detail, passenger comfort and flexible configurations are key focuses of the RVLR vehicle, and can be themed to your requirements.


The Explorer Experience train is designed to take your visitors to a new world and back. Operating as either a static or moving ride the windows are fitted with clear LED screens that transport your visitors to any location that you desire. Both the interior and exterior can be themed and adapted to suit your story and will seat up to 60 adults at one sitting.

Using Lithium Ion batteries, the electric power train can be charged will in the station giving you a 24/7 duty cycle. The train can be driver operated, or fully autonomous keeping your costs to a minimum.  The technologies incorporated in the vehicle ensure a cost effective, sustainable transport system. The bodyshell utilises a modular design approach with flush-bonded glazing and powered plug-sliding doors ensuring ease of access. This design approach facilitates reconfiguration to meet specific customer needs and provides multiple vehicle layout options.


  • Composite bodyshell, recycled carbon fibre
  • Modular vehicle assembly design approach
  • Comfortable contemporary interior design
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Air conditioned
  • Efficient hybrid diesel-electric powertrain
  • Zero-emissions operation in stations, also reducing noise level
  • Multiple vehicle layout options
  • Luggage / bicycle / ski / surfboard storage facilities


Width: 2.8m
length: 18.5m
Height: 3.8m
Seating Capacity: 56 Seated passengers
Turning Circle: 50 Metres
Access: 4 single leaf sliding plug doors
Propulsion System: Diesel electric hybrid battery system
Maximum Speed: 60mph
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