Sustainable People Movers

Making the World a more Sustainable Place

We are committed to making the world a more sustainable place. Therefore, our client locations a more sustainable place to visit. Whether through our business practices or the transportation options we can provide our clients; we currently have a range of five different People Movers that run on sustainable Lithium-Ion Phosphate Batteries:

Why Lithium-Ion phosphate batteries?

Our People Movers use Lithium-Ion phosphate batteries. They are incredibly eco-friendly compared to other batteries. Not only do they use less toxic metal but, because of the light weightiness of the batteries themselves, you can get a lot more use out of the battery before going through another recharging cycle without having to sacrifice bulkiness.

The strength of the battery coupled with our ability to provide a client with accurate transport planning is a telling combo. Through Terrain Analysis, Route Mapping, Capacity Analysis and Duty Cycle Mapping, we can provide you with the appropriate information to decide the right people mover for your entertainment facility. We make sure that your road train can run for as long as possible as sustainably as possible.

Duty Cycle Mapping

We have a fast-charging system that is customised to fit with your busy daily duty cycle. We advise you on the best battery type to give you the durability needed during a congested operation period.

We are looking forward to meeting face-face and discussing how we can maintain a sustainable future for the leisure industry through innovation and understanding of operational needs.” – Shaun O’Brien, TDI Product Solutions.