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Design your Transport for Accessibility and Inclusivity

Accessibility in the Leisure Industry is what you want

You may have read about the various accessibility programs launching in the attractions and leisure industries. The greatest concern is the welfare and enjoyment of guests. Removing the barriers that often face those with physical disabilities is vital and where we can come in.

As well as designated wheelchair spaces and ramps, attractions have highlighted their need for thought-led innovations in audio descriptions, visual aids and access routes when it comes to transport.

Bespoke Designs

At TDI-Production Solutions, we adapt your people movers to suit your attraction and your guests’ needs. They are built to your specifications and designed to combat any operational requirements, whilst creating an enjoyable experience for all your guests. We are able to create extra space to accommodate more disabled bays, lower curb heights, and wider carriages, and that is just from our existing range designs.


You can captivate your guests with our customised infotainment systems. We install all the audio and visual effects that you want to include. Be that individual passenger screens or specialist window monitors that can create your own journey through space, time or environment. Our standard carriages are fitted with 4 speakers with audio descriptions.

We can also re-arrange the seating plan to facilitate not just more passengers but more infotainment. This allows for many possibilities when it comes to storytelling for all your guests. Video descriptive screens are invaluable when it comes to the experience of your guests.

Our Vehicles

Our top standard range of vehicles:

We also work with our sister company Transport Design International (TDI). These fit the needs of the passengers. Here we highlight the different generations of our Very Light Rail vehicles:


This Automated People Mover (APM) meets all safety & operational standards. We also have a CCTV security system reporting back live detail to the control room, helping to keep passengers safe. It usually seats up to 8 adults, making it a good rail vehicle for family parties, but the seating can be designed to suit more disabled spaces.

Revolution VLR

One of the projects of our sister company, TDI, has been designed with accessibility in mind. Revolution VLR, including its gangways and doorways, has been designed with easy access to disabled spaces. At its home in Ironbridge, UK, TDI built the platform with wide ramp. The vehicle complies with PRM TSI accessibility requirements. It is fitted with passenger climate control and a Passenger Information System.

 Lync Minitram

The modular design of the Lync Minitram is such that cars can be manufactured in a range of sizes, in terms of length, width, and interior seating arrangement, to suit the local operating environment and capacity requirements.

“It’s been interesting to see to progress that’s being made with the introduction of new technologies that help support the greener sustainable approach that all business sectors need to now engage with. This past year we have been launching several new vehicles including Revolution Very Light Rail. It encapsulates a lot of the innovative solutions TDI has been developing for rail vehicle construction and cleaner propulsion systems.” – Paul Salkeld, Transport Design International

Design for accessibility and inclusivity with us

Let us help you.

We start your journey with a feasibility study in order to understand what their goals are. Once we understand of your guests’ needs, we support you through route mapping, terrain analysis, maintenance, and ongoing support. For us, sustainability and inclusivity are fundamental. We have been advising clients like you for over 30 years.

Our philosophy is to encourage our industry towards renewable and sustainable transport choices.

Our goal is to ensure transport is accessible and inclusive within the attractions, theme parks, and zoos of tomorrow. If you have any questions or would like to know how we can help your attraction, please get in touch with the team.