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TDI Production Solutions explores trends to watch for 2023

The firm says sustainabilityaccessibility and cost-effectiveness are key

TDI Production Solutions (TDI-PS), a provider of people movers to the transport leisure industry, has identified three key trends in the leisure industry for the coming 12 months: sustainability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.

TDI-PS works alongside its award-winning sister company, Transport Design International, who are the inspiration behind ground-breaking innovation in the world of very light rail and community-based transport. Their durable, battery-powered trains have significantly reduced industry costs. Allowing projects that had stalled due to price-prohibitive, old-fashioned thinking to be implemented in much shorter time frames.

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TDI-PS’s Zero Carbon innovations in transport can be designed and built for visitor use in or around theme parks, zoos, attractions and the wider leisure industry across the globe.


TDI-PS prides itself on working with clients that have a track record of making sustainability a priority. Great care has been taken to ensure their components have been responsibly sourced, and recycled materials are used where possible.

Together, TDI and TDI-PS’s portfolio includes a range of battery-powered people movers with passenger capacities from 12 – 170, that are supplied in a variety of styles and themes to fit any environment. The product range includes Lync, Orbit and Vectus elevated autonomous pods, covering various road and rail applications.

TDI also works with clients to conduct feasibility studies and transport planning to provide a future-proofed solution for their needs.


All of the firm’s vehicles are designed and built with accessibility in mind.
The modular design of the Lync range means that cars can be manufactured in three sizes, in length, width, and interior seating arrangement, to suit the client’s operating environment and capacity requirements. Products, including gangways and doorways, have been designed with easy access to disabled spaces. At its Demonstration Centre in Ironbridge, UK, the company built a loading platform with a wide ramp and ensured that the vehicle complies with Persons with Reduced Mobility Technical Specifications for Interoperability (PRM TSI) accessibility requirements. Their products are also fitted with passenger climate control and a Passenger Information System.

Andy Walker of the spinal cord injury UK-based charity, Back-Up Trust says: “I am impressed that you have asked people who are living with disability to come onto your vehicle. It is fantastic that you have invited people with different levels of injury, types of wheelchairs and situations… the train looks fantastic, and I think it will be a huge asset to the community.”

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Sam Sharp, the company’s commercial manager, shared that cost-effectiveness is not just about product cost: “Our experience in the design and installation of electric transport solutions allows us to look at a project as a whole and use this knowledge to provide a quality solution that reduces the cost to our clients. An example would be our wire-guided autonomous system that is almost half the cost of the infrastructure requirement of GPS or HD (High Definition) mapping systems on the market”.

TDI believes the Leisure Industry will start to prioritise the long-term durability of transport solutions. TDI ensures its products can adapt to technology changes in the entire transport ecosystem.

Lync passenger transport systems are significantly easier to install than a conventional tram. They do not require intrusive infrastructure such as overhead wires or electrified rails, again reducing cost.

TDI-PS has been advising parks for over three decades. It knows that sustainability and accessibility are fundamental, and uses its philosophy to encourage the wider industry to embrace renewable and sustainable transport choices.

If you are interested in which trends we have highlighted with Blooloop, please get in touch as we are working with various companies to ensure they are at the forefront in Accessibility, Sustainability and Cost-effectiveness.